Ultimate, the new album of Arcus has just released !

10 electronic dense and uncompromising tracks mixed at studio Genesys and masterised at studio Amsterdam mastering.

The ARCUS project has the particularity to emphasize an original melody to which soiled sounds bring a strange or scary atmosphere, at first unsuspected. The reference to electronic airs and rhythms from the '80s is regular but however mixed with contemporary sounds.

Each piece tells a story, and is often divided into two or several parts linked by often abrupt transitions which break the linearity of the piece. So, the ARCUS music could really be tagged as a visual music !

ARCUS aims at touching the listener's sensibility by combining these different aspects, for this is indeed the first goal of the music composed by ARCUS : to create emotion, as it is the emotion, whatever emotion, which brings us back to life...

  1. Short-lived Joy (additional percussion : Gergely Bossicart)
  2. Flash Mob
  3. Hypnotic
  4. Miss Gravity
  5. Hymn
  6. Mirage
  7. Immortality
  8. Homeland
  9. 1989
  10. Victory


Label : iM EDM


Label : Record Union

  1. Panzer
  2. Soulstrainer
  3. Subliminal
  4. Legacy
  5. Badass
  6. Farewell
  7. Koulak Circus
  8. Alchemy
  9. Decryption
  10. Prayer
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